Marlene Stenlund, RN

CEO of Begin Healing, Inc

Certified Biofeedback Therapist
Pain Resource Nurse
Certified Alpha-Stim Treatment Specialist

Marlene has had 27 years of experience in helping patients to manage and/or alleviate problems with stress, pain, sleep, and anxiety. A combination of treatment with an electromedicine device called the Alpha-Stim and biofeedback training has been proven by research to give the best results. The first few sessions are focused on symptom reduction and the following sessions emphasize building skills to maintain the desired relief at home. Many patients can reduce the amount of medication they are using to control their symptoms.


J.H. - Grand Rapids, MN

My name is J.H. and I am typing this to inform anyone interested in pain relief without medication that I have recently been treated with the Alpha-Stim 100. My personal results have been remarkable. After a couple of treatments I did not need to use Celebrex as often and I was able to cut out most of the muscle relaxers. I was in a head-on collision three and a half years ago and up to that point in my life the only pain medication I had ever been given was after having wisdom teeth removed that were impacted. Then in 2002 my life changed and I needed surgeries and physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication, and muscle relaxers. This was a very big change for me and it has caused many new problems, so my goal has been to try to find a way to get rid of the drugs and resume my life as close to what I was before that accident. After one treatment with Marlene Stenlund, it helped so much and gave me hope. She was able to arrange for me to get my own prescription for the Alpha- Stim 100 and I have been able to treat myself and with the help of others have treatments at home as well as in her office. I have finally been able to see a light at the end of the
tunnel and the Alpha-Stim has given me hope that I may not need any more surgeries and be able to get back to work and not be in the pain that I have been in for the last three and a half years…WITHOUT THE DRUGS!!!! I know that the shape my mind and body was in the first day I was treated is not where I am today, a few weeks later. The bottom line for me is I have reached a goal I have been striving for. I have HOPE for the first time that I may be able to get through this without medication for the rest of my life and possibly even heal up from the inside out. I will be consistent with my use of the Alpha- Stim and continue to keep track of my progress, not just for me but for anyone else out there that needs the same type of hope and relief that I do.

Grand Rapids, MN


I would like to take this opportunity to comment about the biofeedback treatments that I have been receiving. I have been receiving Alpha-Stim treatments for my neck pain for quite a few months now. Since I’ve been receiving them, I’ve been able to work more and call in sick a lot less. It has been helping me and now I’m going to receive my own unit which should help tremendously. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with pain.


J. & D.H. - Talmoon, MN

On May 12, 2006 I was treated by Dr. Deborah J. Lightner MD, associate professor of urology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, while a patient at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Lightner prescribed a course of biofeedback therapy for pelvic floor tension myalgia, bi-weekly as necessary. Dr. Lightner instructed us to call our local hospital and attempt to make contact with a biofeedback therapist. She also advised that if the person answering our call inquired as to what biofeedback was; we should simply hang up and try the next available hospital. We were more than pleasantly surprised to find that this particular service was available and provided at the Deer River Healthcare Center.

My wife D. and I were so happy that our treatment was going to be held close to our home. Marlene, on our first visit to your office it was apparent that you were willing to accept the responsibility for my treatment and therapy. You are well organized, exceptionally skilled in psychology and relaxation techniques. Every time we met we learned something new to help me improve my overall ability to relax, and consequently, the pain associated with the pelvic floor tension myalgia has decreased. I applaud you on your enthusiastic approach as well as the methods utilized in therapy sessions. I so appreciate your sensitivity and awareness of providing meaningful and appropriate methods in my treatment. I hope our professional relationship will continue for as long as this type of care is necessary. Special thanks for your extensive help in dealing with BCBS insurance issues related to the Alpha-Stim 100. I am convinced that the simulator helped me a great deal.

We are so appreciative that the Deer River Healthcare Center has provided this service for my continuing healthcare. I feel that many others would benefit from the biofeedback therapy treatment provided.

J. & D.H.
Talmoon, MN


I am a total believer in the Alpha-Stim technique. I feel like a I finally have control of my body. For 25 years I have been a slave to my headaches, but with Alpha-Stim I feel like I can safely combat the pain without harsh drugs. I have shared my feelings with everyone I’ve met and would recommend the Alpha-Stim for anybody. It’s a miracle – I can live again!


Ian Stenlund

Regional Sales Director

Ian has been with Begin Healing, Inc in sales and management for over 10 years. Ian consults with practitioners on how to implement Alpha-Stim into their practices, and helps patients understand the best protocols for their conditions.

Kai Stenlund

Sales Representative
Customer Support

Kai has been with Begin Healing, Inc. for over 5 years, attending medical conferences, scheduling in-services with practitioners, and customer support. He is versed in the practical application and scientific studies for all Begin Healing, Inc. products.