Biomat® Belt



Wear the Biobelt at work, for warmth at home, or take it on vacation with you. Using the same NASA technology as larger Biomat products, the Biobelt produces gentle, soothing heat and heals with the same negative ion and far infrared therapy. In addition to the amethyst and tourmaline found in the larger Biomats, the Biobelt also contains green jade, crystal, citrine, topaz, tiger’s eye, and elvan. The Biobelt fits comfortably around the waist and is perfect for easing stomach aches and soothing chronic or acute back pain. Lie it flat for a smaller back treatment, place it anywhere on your body where you feel a need for soothing heat, or simply use it to warm your feet.

Regular size: Can accommodate sizes up 54 inches (approximately 26 inch adjustable Velcro strap)
Large size: Can accommodate up to 76 inches.

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Standard – Up to 54", Large – Up to 76"

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