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Alpha-Stim Certification Program

By October 22, 2012March 8th, 2016Alpha-Stim, Anxiety, Begin Healing, Depression, Insomnia, Pain

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AS Treatment Doctor

We are proud to announce the
Official Alpha-Stim Certification program!

The EPI certification process consists of an online presentation covering the theory and practice of cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) and microcurrent electrical therapy (MET).  We encourage any licensed practitioner interested in using the Alpha-Stim, currently using Alpha-Stim, or ordering it for patients to complete the training as it covers the science behind microcurrent, pertinent research, indications, contraindications and safety considerations.  We also discuss valuable information regarding treatment protocols for Alpha-Stim indicated uses.  Dr. Jeff Marksberry, MD, who is the Science and Education Director at EPI, hosts the program.

After the online presentation, participants are given a 20 question written test that covers this material.  If you pass, you will receive your authorized Alpha-Stim Certification in the mail!  Put it up on the wall next to your other degrees and certifications.

This a great way to become more educated on the protocol and technical aspects of Alpha-Stim, and have something to show for it.  Not only will it help you become more comfortable with the device, your clients will be able to see an official document stating your proficiency with the device.  If you are interested in getting certified, please contact Ian Stenlund at 877-569-2583 or  Please have some dates and times in mind so that we can work around your schedule.

*If you have conference call and video projection capability in your office or clinic, then any number of staff are welcome to participate simultaneously. We can also accommodate multiple computer locations at once.



Now that the new Alpha-Stim M and Alpha-Stim AID are on the market, we are offering $200 credit toward the purchase of a new unit for the trade-in of your SCS or 100. This offer is for call-in orders only. Please contact 877-569-2583 or to get your new unit and credit today!

Thank you for your time!  Any questions regarding the certification program or information on our device can be directed to Ian Stenlund by replying to this email, or by calling the number below.  We are here to give any support we can, and love to hear about your experiences with Alpha-Stim.

Kind Regards,

Ian Stenlund, Sales Representative
Begin Healing, Inc.

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